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The vision of SECURE GAMES INTERNATIONAL is to ensure safe sport and stadium experiences for all players and visitors of sport events at German and international level. This is achieved by means of the introduction of professional, proven and sustainably implemented security management systems at the level of sports associations and clubs as well as by means of regular inspections of the quality of these systems by external partners.


SECURE GAMES INTERNATIONAL makes sport associations and clubs aware of their responsibility towards all parties involved in sports events. This includes the consideration of security aspects in the preparation and realization of the event. Risk analyses and security concepts build the basis. Their review and adaptation in the context of a continuous improvement process are part of this task.


SECURE GAMES INTERNATIONAL consults and supports sports associations and clubs in a comprehensive manner when it comes to the development and introduction of professional security management systems. We create sustainable values and reduce liability risks for our customers on the basis of several years of experience in risk analysis and the development of security concepts. Our consultancy approach is related to practice and oriented towards implementation.

Major sports events and security

National and international major sports events are some of the most popular events. For the year 2022, a worldwide turnover volume of almost EUR 12 bn is expected – which corresponds to an annual growth rate of approximately 8 %. Sports events regularly attract large crowds; they are an important economic factor and part of a heterogenous event market that has been continuously growing for years. The market dynamics are very clearly reflected in the phenomenon of “e-sports”. This sector is not recognized as sports by the established sports associations but the competitions in this field have been filling large event locations for quite some time now. The global turnover forecast for “e-sport” events for the year 2010 amounted to EUR 1.5 bn already.

Unfortunately, the previous decades have shown that major sports events of any kind are subject to considerable security risks. These can have various causes. Risks are not only caused by the structural-technical circumstances of the event location. The “human being as a source of danger” plays a more and more important role for the assessment of security risks. A successful event concept requires great interest of visitors with all the security issues resulting from this. In particular with regard to major sports events of team sports (e.g. Football, ice hockey, basketball or handball), there is also a high potential for activation and conflicts caused by rivalling groups of supporters. 

Event organizers and operators of major sports events have to observe several legal obligations, and the non-fulfilment of these obligations can not only lead to

wide-ranging liability but also to criminal consequences. Therefore, professional security management is indispensable for event organizers and operators.

The two big organizations of German professional football – the Deutsche Fußballbund and the Deutsche Fußball-Liga – faced these challenges with the support of external partners and created a basis for the clubs with the “Certification of Security Management in Professional Football” system of rules which they can use as a reliable basis for their security management. In the meantime, all clubs have been obliged to have their security management system certified by an external, independent partner and to have the functionality of the system inspected in regular intervals.. The successful certification has by now become a precondition for the granting of the playing license.

Secure Games International was involved in the creation of the system of rules as well as in its introduction to all clubs in the three German professional football leagues. We would also like to support your association as well as the clubs associated with it with regard to the introduction and maintenance of a professional security management – to ensure a safe stadium experience for all parties involved in a major sports event and to minimize the risks for event organizers and operators.

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